In these days of online searches and e-commerce, people are used to completing transactions as easily as snapping their fingers. But buying a house isn't always like that. In Belfast's fast-moving market, we've got used to customers telling us about all their frustrations with the house buying process.  

We know that having a switched-on estate agent can make all the difference between a lightning-fast move... and missing the boat. That's why we're positioning the new James Duggan Estates as a one-stop shop that can deal with all your home sales, lettings, management and mortgage needs under one roof. 

We believe that, by combining in-house mortgage and expert legal services with an in-depth understanding of the local market, we can make the new James Duggan Estates the best way of buying, selling and renting property in Belfast... and an unbeatable force on the local market. 

If you're already considering buying or selling, we'd like you to give us a call. Whether you're a first-time buyer, an aspiring buy-to-let entrepreneur or a veteran at the top of the housing chain, we think you'll find that our approach is like a breath of fresh air.

Not buying or selling anytime soon? Come back and read the blog anyway. Everyone enjoys talking property, and we can promise a lively perspective on the local market. 

Plus, we'll be using this blog to publish some handy articles that may get you thinking up new angles on your property investments. Did you ever consider downsizing, buy-to-let or maximising value for sale? You can read more about them right here. 

And don't expect the old clichés about brewing fresh coffee in the kitchen just before a viewing, either!

We look forward to seeing you again. We'll be right here. 

James Duggan Estates