Hi there! Welcome to our new blog, and to the new site for James Duggan Estates. We're delighted you wanted to learn more about us. Actually, you may already know more than you realise! 

If you've had dealings with Century21 Belfast, you've likely met our founders, father-and-son team James and Mark Duggan. James and Mark know the streets of Belfast like the backs of their hands. And when they set up the new company, they brought all the experience and know how of the old team with them along with a lovely new member of staff to look after you all – Lynne !!!

So, while James Duggan Estates is not a new agency and you'll see some very familiar faces behind the desks it has been given a new lease of life with the re-brand, there are exciting times ahead for us all! You're probably asking yourself what has changed. The answer's simple.