Is Belfast City Centre starting to grow again with new Retail Lets?

Walking round Belfast City Centre at Christmas it was great to see some new independent stores opening, however it is still apparent there are some empty buildings in prominent areas.

Hopefully, this is all about to change with an announcement that 2 retailers are looking to take over the old BHS building on Castle Place. One is a relocation and one is new with the building set to get a fantastic facelift. 

This is hopefully an indication of things to come with the opening also of new hotels to add to the recently opened Titanic Hotel. This can only be good for the economy all round with new jobs and opportunities created. Figures show while the begining of the year was slow with only 14 City Centre lets, the second part of the year was alot stronger and this should continue into 2018

We are certainly looking foward to 2018 and seeing these new businesses open which are changing the face of Belfast. The knock on effect can only help the Housing Market too with new jobs and confidence in the Economy. 

With higher growth in the housing market in East Belfast too we are feeling very confident about 2018 and what it will bring.