What is Fairshare?

FairShare is a Shared Ownership Scheme for Northern Ireland. It allows home buyers who cannot afford to buy a property outright to buy a share of a property from a Housing Association and pay rent on the rest.

How does it work?

FairShare homebuyers can buy a starter share of between 50% and 90% and pay rent on the rest. For example; if a couple buys a 50% share of a property from a housing association with a mortgage, they pay an affordable rent on the 50% share still owned by the housing association. 

Who is Eligible?

The key requirements for eligibility are that you don’t own a home, you cannot afford to buy the kind of home that you need outright. But you could afford to purchase at least a 50% share.

Do I have to buy housing that is already approved ?

FairShare do have properties already approved for the scheme but if you are purchasing one that isn't FairShare will have to come out and ensure it meets their elegibilty criteria.

What Lenders are working with Fairshare

So far Halifax, Nationwide and Santander are lending through FairShare

How do you apply ?

There are steps on line at fairshare.org.uk. But we have an inhouse mortgage adviser  JMD Financial Services who can also help with the process. Ring 02890 925050 and press option 2 and James will be happy to talk you through the process and help you get approved.