So on Thursday we need to make a decision to leave or stay in the European Union. What impact will this have on the Property Market and Estate Agents?

If we leave it may have a negative impact on the Financial Services Industry but certainly there's no doubt it can adapt. What it means for homeowners needing a mortgage will remain to be seen. Before potentially disruptive events the market seems to go quiter. It was certainly reported that before the Scottish Independence Referendum there was a quiet spell in the housing market. One thing we do know is that we have never been in this situation before and no one really knows the impact of Thursdays Vote. We have certainly saw an increase in mortgage offers from the banks, increase in house prices and a large demand for good quality houses both to buy or let in the last year. Hopefully this won't change regardless of the outcome, however James Duggan Estates will certainly be ready to adapt to any changes that come after Thursday's vote!