Every Belfast Landlord knows that finding tenants is costly and time consuming. This is why it is so important to keep your tenants happy ensuring they stay at your property and all your hard work acquiring them doesn't go to waste. So we have put together these top 5 Tips for landlords to ensure everyone is happy.

1.Deal with Belfast Property Maintenance Issues in a timely manner- 

If there is a maintenance issue at the East Belfast property it really is better to deal with as soon as possible. If it isn't an emergency let the tenant know the timescale it will be fixed. It is better to deal with all issues quickly to stop them turning into bigger issues. Always keep your tenant infomed of timescales.

2.Educate your Tenants with a moving in package-

Knowlege is King! If you can provide your tenant with a guide to how to work the heating or washing machine and local emergency numbers it cuts down the time you will have to deal with queries. It is also a good idea to let them know when you are free to take calls from the begining to ensure you are are meeting their expectations and you are not getting bombarded with calls.

3.Provide a clear and comprehensive Tenancy Agreement-

As a Belfast landlord it is your responsibilty to provide a comprehensive Tenancy Agreement to your tenant and ensure they understand it. There should also be a clear and indepth inventory to help protect you and your tenant when discussing the return of the deposit.

4.Keep in contact with your Tenants -

As well as your official inspections, its worth contacting your temants periodically through out the year to check if everything is ok with the property.By staying on top of the small things it stops them for snowballing and could become more costly.

5.Respect your Tenant's privacy-

Whilst you may own the property it is still your tenants homeand it is important to remember they have a right to privacy while living there.You must give them at least 24 hours notice before you enter the property, more if you can. A good idea is to schedule a quarterly review with your tenant to discuss any issues or concerns.

 Keeping these tips in mind will hopefully ensure you have happy tenants and ones that will renew thier lease. This will also save you time and money on finding a replacement tenant.